how to make the camera move like the new portal ending

I know the beans placeholder does something but i want to know how to do such a thing in a custom map


Make a model with a single bone and a single tri with a nodraw material applied. Animate the bone to move how you need it to, then create an attachment point on that bone.
Compile it and place it in hammer and then just parent a point_viewcontrol to the attachment point and have a simple input start the animation.

If you know what you’re doing, it will only take a few minutes to complete the entire process and set it up.

I cant model :frowning:

There’s a new Portal ending!?

Holy fuck!

I gotta go re-install that shit!!!

not much, You just get dragged away


So there will be a Portal two :buddy:


And thanks for ruining it for me beyatch :mad:

it has nothing to do with modelling, if you want i could make a tutorial for you when i get home.

have you not read the arg thread…


just an fyi they announced it a few days ago


God damn it, I’m slow.

I could’ve sworn I saw you post in the megathread one or two times. :psyduck:

God damn it, I’m forgetful.

please do


Ugh. Ill make a tutorial now.


does anyone know the name of the model?