How to make the game more balanced (Bodkin / poison tipped Arrows, more bow types, revamp default bow... get rid of High Velocity arrows)

I’ve been playing this game for a while now, for the most part I have been enjoying my time on it… however, there are a few things about the game that make it very frustrating to play. One of these is the imbalanced combat system. As you may know, a lot of the combat in Rust comes down to who has the better gear (or more team mates). You can with some difficulty win a fight mono e mono against an enemy with blue print weaponry while using basic weapons, yet the second they have armour as well as the blue printed weapons it’s nearly impossible for you to win. To fix this, I suggest that the Rust Development team adds bodkin tipped arrows and poison daubed arrows. The bodkin tipped for piercing armour and the poison daubed for unarmoured foes.

A few new bow types and a revamped default bow should be put into the game, with the intention of supplanting high velocity arrows and making low tech combat more desirable and interesting. I was thinking the bow types would differ in a few ways to make them all unique fighting tools. The variables would be mobility, durability, range, power, velocity and accuracy . A few ideas for bows I had were a recurve bow, long bow, short bow, and composite bow (also the default bow should be revamped) .

The recurve bow would have average mobility, average durability, average range, average power, high velocity, average accuracy. The long bow would have low mobility, high durability, average range, high power, average velocity and average accuracy. The short bow would have high mobility, high durability, average range, low power, average velocity, and average accuracy.The composite bow would have average mobility, low durability, high range, low power, high velocity and high accuracy. The default bow would have very high mobility, very low durability, lowish range, lowish power, lowish velocity and lowish accuracy, change its production cost to something less as well (when I say lowish I mean between low and average). All bow types should be default blueprints with different production costs, the two alternate arrow types should be Blue Prints… if the bows can’t be default blue prints then they should at least be common blue print drops.

P.S. - I don’t want a compound bow because they would make all other bows obsolete, I know that the stats for the weapons I suggest are not entirely accurate when compared to how they function I.R.L. But I think it is necessary to make them all have cons and pros that balance out (except the default bow… that one should be poor quality with a cheap cost to produce), so not one is used over all the others, I want each to be used in different scenarios. I was vague about the weapon stats and didn’t mention the cost they ought to produced for because I don’t know what would be the most balanced decision, I’m sure the Rust dev team can get those right if they decide to roll with or even read my idea. It would be pretty cool if there were also different tiers of these bow types as well, maybe you could craft your own bow using different tools and materials to make it customized? You would have to add a lot of stuff into the game to do this though, different tree types, glue and what not.

Yes, different bow types will give something to strive for in early game. It seems a bit extreme to jump from a basic bow and arrow to guns. I agree that there could be better balance in terms of progression.

I like the idea of poison arrows. Hopefully they will add the ability to get poisoned/sick in the game to make the survival better (as long as they include a way to cure poison - for balance).

I would also like to see tripwires that can be applied to doorways.

3 types:

  1. loud alarm that alerts everyone in the area.
  2. silent alarm that only alerts the player who placed the tripwire via a chat notification (if they are online at that time)
  3. explosive… need I say more?

This will improve defensive capabilities. What are some thoughts on this?

I like the trip wire idea, sounds pretty nifty.

Future, might want to structure your wall of paragraphs for better readability with subject lines and such.

Other than that, interesting argument for making all bows useful.

Bodkin or Broadhead arrows would be nice, hell even obsidian Arrowheads

Perhaps the long bow can be for range, and a recurve bow for damage, even though that’s not “realistic” of what those bow types do IRL.

I prefer the bow when we raid because its quiet and it panics people when you can land several shots on / close to them. Just the damage at range is pretty sad. Arrow vollies worked in medieval times, just because it is modern times, pointy object falling from the sky + flesh = wound, we have not evolved immunity to arrows as far as I know within the last 500 years.

I just wish we could fire arrows like this guy, usually 3-4 arrows in rapid succession.

Shouldn’t the long bow have longer range? I’d think so anyway. I love the bow and hope we see some bow love down the road.

A composite bow has a longer range than a long bow.

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Man, that guy is insane…! In a good way ;D