How to Make WAC work with Openaura?

Im am not a coder, but there is something that can help out the community I am in. The community I am in wants to use WAC(The Helicopters) In its Role play server(OA), But cannot due to a script clash. I’ve talked to people that were in the community that have made it work, but they will not say anything and/or they forgot. I know its possible, and from what I have heard it is “Easy”(Not sure if true since I am not a coder). Something about removing values, or something. Can you help with this problem, so the scripts will not clash anymore.

its rare that anyone will help you with a leaked gamemode, a good example is this

Dreams Crushed :frowning: The People I asked that have done it forgot how too.

ill give you a hand if you want lol XD i have nothing else to do at the moment. add me on steam and fill me in with what you want :slight_smile:

You’d need a big bloody map with a big skybox ;\

We have 2 Mappers that are making pretty Awesome Maps. I know it is possible to make WAC work with OA since I know people who have. I just need to find someone who will say it.