How to make your addon initialization execute alter all other addons

Hi, I am making a physics environment organizer addon:

It has to set all the physical performance settings and gravity on loading, but I want them to be final, so I need some condition to make the autorun file execute after all the addons are loaded.
It will be nice for the admins to control the settings like in smart snap for example :wink:

How should I do that ?

You can put the settings in PlayerInitialSpawn hook, then remove the hook after it has run once.

Nice. How can run a function when the variable changes … I see there is no “OnChange” meber here …


But the change will be detected on the client, so you have to network it, and validate it on the server

Something like that maybe because this needs to be on the server ( Where the environment is located that is ) …

Seems right to me though. What do you think?