how to make your own gmod project like a new weapon!!

i want to know how to make your own SWEEP, Weapon, your own addons, maps ext. plz help me i want to be know on steam and on plz help me.

Well, judging by your spelling and grammar you’re 7. Really, 7 year olds can’t map or mod. I’m not flaming, just saying you might want to start out with easier stuff (mabye learn wiremod and e2?) then try this stuff.
To make SWEPS, you have to code them in LUA. You can find tutorials all over facepunch and the rest of the internet. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT use one of those crappy instant SWEP makers on the net. If you really have to use a SWEP maker, don’t upload it on the net. You’ll just get flamed.
Addons are the same, you have to code them in LUA.
Maps can be made with the source sdk map editor hammer. Look under tools in steam. It looks complex at first, but you can eventually learn it from the valve dev wiki.
So, the number one rule here is don’t use instant addon/swep/mapmakers, they’ll make noobish shit which will get you flamed here.