How to make your server broadcast in every region?

Hello Facepunch,

I was wondering how you make it so that your server is broadcasted in every region. For example the server is hosted in United States but people in Australia return a good ping from the server browser.

I’ve looked into sv_region but that was no help.

Anyway thanks!

You don’t. Not under any circumstances. The owner of SuperiorServers is currently receiving a lot of flak for using redirect/mirror servers to bypass the regional listings set up by Valve. You shouldn’t…

… Wait, are you asking this just to troll? I just caught a whiff of troll…

He’s not “Receiving a lot of flak” He’s just receiving your opinion

On a side note, Yesterday I played on a korean server with 300 ping and I wrecked them in pvp.
Now I truly don’t get why you think ping is such a big difference in darkrp

You guys aren’t answering his question. You can multiple servers that run a Lua command on anyone that connects. The command could be

RunConsoleCommand. You might want to disable it for yourself so if you want to go onto the server for any reason, it won’t automatically redirect you.

because this is such a dumb (and dick) thing to do

By the way, if anyone sees this thread in the future, this is the correct answer to solve the problem, regardless of the dumb votes.

He is receiving a lot of flak. That flak is this sort of discussion, where several people (not just me) have stated that redirect servers for darkrp servers is disgusting and shouldn’t be done. Would you rather me put it as “There is a lot of drama around this subject due to another user on facepunch having been recently found using redirect servers, much to the disapproval of a number of users”?

Also ignorance must be bliss. Just because you rekt a few koreans doesn’t mean 300 ping makes no difference. It’s a proven fact high pings make all the difference in the world, otherwise ping wouldn’t be measured at the server browser, the engine, the scoreboard, in steam, in literally every connection online. If ping made no difference, the term wouldn’t exist and we wouldn’t be talking about it because nobody would have heard of ping. But we don’t live in the 31st century. We don’t have faster-than-light communications systems that allow for instantaneous transfer of data from Point A to Point B, regardless of distance. When we do get that, I’ll happily concede that 300 ping makes no difference given that nobody would have 300 ping. But any delay, no matter how minute, negatively impacts on your experience when shooting another player. And guess what you do half the time in DarkRP?

If my hardware was good enough to do it, I’d record footage of me trying to play against someone with 300 ping on me in darkrp and I’d show you how much I have to lead my target in order to guarantee a hit.

“Lag compensation” isn’t ingrained into every weapon pack, and does nothing to compensate for melee weapons. The only way you could truly say that ping didn’t matter is if hit detection was registered by the client, not the server. But this involves trusting the client, and thats something you don’t do.

Let me know when you wake up from your fibre enduced coma that you share with StonedPenguin.

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… because redirect servers are a taboo topic, and I don’t wish to encourage that of which I am currently (for lack of a better term) attacking StonedPenguin for.

Ok? Sorry that you don’t like it, but why post if you’re just going to suggest for them not do something; He asked how to do something, not advice on if he should do it.

how do i commit murder? please don’t tell me it’s a bad thing to do just tell me how to do it

If someone posted that they wanted to kill themselves would you tell them how to tie a noose?

I might recommend him to call suicide hotline, but I will tell him what he needs to know. Besides, it’s not going to affect me when they die, so I don’t care what they do with their life.

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Could you stop thread hijacking? You have over 5,000 posts, I think you know how to make your own threads.


Have you tried chasing someone down the street with nothing but a knife in your hand while you have 300 ping? You have to virtually occupy the same space as them to hit them.

Can we not derail the thread? Take that shit to the PM’s.

While OP asked how? I’d like to ask why? If you’re in USA, why would you want people who don’t speak the same language as you to play on your server? On the flip side, why would they even join an english speaking server if they’re from Korea? Would they not just play on a Korean server with all there own friends near them.

Its not derailing when we are talking about one of the reasons why you shouldn’t host redirect servers.

Ping is one of them, and I’m pointing out how it is one of them, despite a handful of people choosing to remain ignorant to facts.

A very large part of the world speaks English just fine.

Subjective opinions are not facts. The only fact here is that ping can be one of the stated reasons behind region-locking, which says nothing about the moral (as if this mattered) or technical aspects of the question at hand.
Any discussion on “lag prevention” is absolutely irrelevant as well. You have no idea what this person wants to do with their server.

To answer the original poster, you will either have to set up a server in a different region that redirects to yours or view it as sufficient that people elsewhere can connect using the address. OR make an argument compelling enough to make things go back to what they once were.

you’ve got to be trolling at this point

Indeed, but what is a fact is that ping has a negative effect when two people shoot each other, no matter what FPS you are playing (TF2, CS:GO, Overwatch, GMOD, Half-Life Deathmatch, Quake, Halo, etc)

I am trying my best to explain this fact to people, but far too many ignorant individuals truly believe without a doubt that ping doesn’t have an effect in DarkRP. While that would be true if your only means of playing with other players were to type shit like “/me slowly takes off your shirt… (Continue Yes/No)”, we are talking about DarkRP… we are talking about /advert RAID, /advert MUG DROP 2K OR DIE, /advert KIDNAP, etc. As long as there are two people on a DarkRP server, somebody will want to shoot somebody else.

And incase the impact of ping isn’t obvious here, have you tried jumping onto a moving prop (assuming prop is using a constant speed and direction) with 300 ping? Good luck bro, you have to jump early. Pick something up with your grav gun and start running with that 300 ping. Half the time you wont know if you have it or not.

I can go on about how badly ping effects users when it reaches the 300’s, but there will always be the odd idiot that truly believes it makes no difference. And like I said, if ping didnt make a difference, why would we measure it? Why would we even have a term for it? If ping didn’t matter, we wouldn’t be here discussing it because nobody would have heard of it.

It may be my opinion that ping is a reason we shouldn’t have redirect servers, but it is also a fact that ping plays a significant part when two users shoot each other, just to name one scenario where it impacts.

And until two particular users admit they are wrong and admit that ping DOES have a negative impact on any first person shooter game, I will continue to drill my point across, as education is something I value significantly.

True, but a vast amount of gamemodes/gameplay in Gmod isn’t just ‘SHOOT DAT DUDE’. Plenty of gamemodes on here don’t really need decent latency, although one suspects the OP is just referring to a DarkRP server.

So the whole FPS needs good latency argument is a bit moot.

Once again, not really, because most gmod servers are DarkRP (“Shoot every dude”), TTT (“shoot that one guy who shot somebody”) or Sandbox (“Shoot that one thing you dont understand. With an RPG. Or an AR2 Alt fire”)