How to make your server with many playears as soon as possible?

Does anyone know how to make a new gmod server full of playears as soon as possible?Is there any way to invest money for something and get playears more quickly?
For example buy gmod steam groups or something…Can anyone help me with it?

I can pay money for people who knows how to do it.

Play on it.

Otherwise, no. This isn’t Facebook with “pay for likes”. Trying will just result in you wasting money.

So only one possible thing to get playears is to already have the people which are playing in servers?
So maybe the best thing is to find people who can be online in the server and invite many friends and steam friends to the server and make server popular?And for example i’m paying for that person until the servers becomes a popular?

Believe it or not, your server has to be good to get people to want to play on it. That’s a start.

Aside from inviting Steam friends, server hosting is mainly a waiting game.

Are you capable of understanding anything but money?

Shit, I’ll help you if the price is right. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

skype: matas136

My server got popular without me intending or trying for it. Just have your server exist, if the content is good more people will come.

So can anyone write the ways you can make your gmod server with many playears as soon as possible?
From your personally experience or from somewhere else…

  1. Have decent content on a gamemode that is very tweakable like Sandbox or DarkRP
  2. Have your established community join a new server
  3. Have something so compelling that people will come back in troves (pretty hard)

Pay people to join

Put “free admin” in the server title