How to make your vgui

Hi all.
Give me please manual,link or tutorial how make it.

P.S Sorry for my english,i’m from Russia.


This is not what me need.
I want to draw my VGUI frame. How?

p.s Sorry for my English,im from Russia.

This **[Panel.SetVisible](**?

Oh you don’t understand me.
Ok see example:

How much Lua do you know of? Making something like that ain’t anything you do second day in lua.

I’m first day learn Lua

Yes, I know people, this is the questions forum.
But what you’re asking for is more of a request, since you basicly can’t code anything by your own. Learn Lua, then come back, or bring this up in the request forum.

and learn English before you come back too

wtf this guy is asking how to make a derma menu, why dont you give him a code to use instead of making him read a wiki … thats why hes asking in the “questions” catagory so he can get some help retards.

I knew you were legally dumb.

That is what the requests section is for.

What he tries to make isn’t just a derma menu, and he doesn’t know a single thing about Lua, so this is much more of a request than “getting some help”. To help him, we first need to show him how Lua works, which gets out of topic already.

It ain’t a question, it’s a request.

And where do you get help? Documentation of the functions. If you are so persistent, then go ahead and give him your code. I don’t see you helping at all.

Yeah if you looked at his example you would see that he wants something far too advanced then the level he is at.

What’s the difference between the hud and vgui?

The HUD is indicators like health bar, ammo display radar etc etc
Vgui is the menus and buttons and stuff.

So basically if you can interact with it it’s vgui, otherwise it’s HUD

I can only use standard vgui or have a different shape, color etc?

You can interact with a HUD, however most people don’t do that.

If you want to make your menus look different use the PANEL.Paint() function, or create your own vgui element.

Man, you really are a retard. How is that server going? Getting any answers on your 5000 threads asking for requests/help regarding the server?