How to make Zero Gravity in maps?

How can I make true zero gravity in my map? (No im not going to use trigger_gravity it does’nt produce true gravity)

Some have said use trigger_push but is that a good method?


Perhaps changing sv_gravity or whatever its called?

Or use

:love: that place

Big problem there. From what i know, you’ll have to use both trigger gravity and trigger_vphysics_motion, cos they both have some errors. Trigger_gravity only affects players, even if you avtivate other flags, somethings bugged up there. Trigger_vphysics_motion works alright on physics props, but has a really strange effect on the player, it kinda lifts you up, then drops you to the ground and stuff like that. So, what you need to do is disable the clients flag for the Trigger_vphysics_motion area and add trigger_gravity in addition, so you also have zero gravity for the player.
One remaining problem I got is that in Gmod, if you create thrusters, they won’t be affected by the zero gravity, so your spaceship or whatever will be pulled down by the thrusters. There must be a way to fix this but I havn’t found out how yet.

Maybe use the physical properties tool to toggle gravity?