How to map for RP Gamemodes?

Dear respected forum of Facepunch,

I have a lot of rusty experience mapping for Counter-Strike: Source (Zombie Escape and Jailbreak maps), and now I’m trying to get back into it by mapping for a DarkRP community on Garry’s Mod.

I have no experience mapping for Gmod (no worries there, I can read/watch many tutorials on Hammer config and other nuances) but the problem I’m faced with, that I’ve tried researching about (the forums are either answered incorrectly or not at all) is how to specifically map for a gamemode such as DarkRP.

So, in DarkRP there are doors you can buy, and certain doors that by default to the map are exclusive to Government etc. So I’m wondering, while mapping on Hammer, how do you make the doors to be detected by the DarkRP mod to add the buyable property script?

Thank you for taking your time to read this,


In most cases, the lua for the gamemode is coded to detect entities in the map by class and name. They then set that entity to only be accessed by whatever job through the code. You would have to find out what the code you’re planning on taking advantage of uses.

You can also add new keyvalues to the entities in hammer for the code in game to pick up if that is what you want to do.

TL;DR - its done 95% through the gamemode.


Though I’m really thankful for your time taken to respond, and I don’t want the following to take away from that, this really doesn’t help me much, mainly because I already kinda know this.

What I’m really looking for is perhaps someone who’s experienced directly in dealing with making maps for RP gamemodes such as DarkRP or PERP, who can give me a straight-to-the-point answer/instructions on how to map for DarkRP gamemode.

What you gave me was a, more or less, vague answer that didn’t necessarily bring me any new information that I can directly take on-board to continue mapping on Hammer right now. Nevertheless, I really appreciate your time taken, sir, to at least try to help me out, thank you for this.

Because its all you need to know. Unless you don’t know how to name entities or add keyvalues. If I have to I can explain that in detail, but I don’t think I should have to.

I’ll say this again - the control is done 95% through the code, it has very little to do with the map at all. The code looks for entity names or keyvalues on certain entity classes to control the things you mentioned. The coding forum is here -

If you want to learn how to map for RP then all you need to do is learn how to map, because all it is is a way of making buildings or areas that appeal to a real life sort of thing. What you actually want for the purpose of this thread is relevant to coding, not mapping.

Okay, sounds fair enough.

I have a decent amount of experience making maps (as previously mentioned) and I also mentioned I will look into configuring Hammer for Gmod, I am looking for a step-by-step answer for how to add buyable doors for DarkRP.

Gmod does not have a special entity for RP. RP has a special code to detect entities on the map. So again, you need to look into whatever RP mod you’re using to find out what it uses to detect the doors, be it through keyvalue, classname or entityname.

Yes, I understand this very clearly, so again, I am looking for someone who can give me (a non-expert) a step-by-step guide-type answer on how to;

a·Add a door entity (i.e. one that opens smoothly, with the doorknob, and nice door prop, not a self-made func_door block)
b·What to do with this entity to make it buyable once the map is played through Falco’s DarkRP gamemode.

Now, please, sir Arblarg, before you get angry at me for what I can suppose you might imagine as “not listening”, I did listen, I’m replying by telling you I am not savvy enough to “look into whatever RP mod you’re using to find out what it uses to detect the doors”, so I was looking for someone with direct experience in making maps for RP, to give me a clear cookie cut answer, i.e. someone who has looked into the code.

For DarkRP:

Make a func_door, func_door_rotating, or prop_door_rotating