How to map for SB3

I can not find a good guide for maping for SB3. they all talk about useing the logic_case but it will not work. ether that or i need a way to make space because when i try to make a non-habital one by the directions but i do not get an environment that will triger the life support menu to open up ingame. i formated my case acording to the guide.
Case01 planet
Case02 1024
Case03 0.5
Case04 5
aswell as the way it says on the gmod wiki but i still cannot get it to work. Anyone have a working guide on how to map?

This guide?

yes that guide
and another one off of

OLD…that stuff is for SB2. Give me a few and I’ll dig up the info for SB3

Thank you Bynari. Also, don’t waqnt to rush you or anyhting, but…

Are you going to finish that awesome “How To Map For Spacebuild” Tutorial? I loved the look of that…

Jesus, I can’t find my references…without those I can’t even make sense of my OWN logic_cases. I must have them somewhere.

As for the tutorial, I do have plans for that, and I’ve got a bit more time on my hands than I used to. Give me a week or two and I’ll throw something together…

…and don’t forget to add rock entities for GlobalRP / Spacebuild Factions :smiley:


Be careful when using spoiler tags. I’d hate to see you get banned for something silly like that.

Anyway, I could NOT find the logic_case info for spacebuild 3… I’m going to see if I can contact snakeSVX and see if he’ll send me the info. If I get it I’ll post it here.

Great! Thanks Bynari!

I just spoke with SnakeSVx, he gave me a link to the sb3 chart: