How to Map

how the hell do i make maps?

Have you looked at any tutorials, any websites, even tried google, youtube, or mappers encyclopedia at all!?

don’t know why I would be rated dumb…

To make a map you must first sacrifice a goat to the mapping god.

Oh wow. Seriously? Have you even ATTEMPTED to find that out yourself? Or are you too lazy to find out the answer yourself?

If your going to post here, do so AFTER looking at all the major mapping sites and Google. Just like the rest of the internet, Facepunch hates stupid questions and people.


Please look at the huge mapping encyclopedia that’s pinned to the top of the forum. It’ll tell you everything you need to know about mapping. Try using a search engine also. On the internet, Google knows all. Should none of these help, THEN it’s acceptable to post your problem here.

I lol’d…
Have you checked that yellow thing on the mapping section? What’s it called? Mapping encyclopedia or something?
Check that out BEFORE MAKING A THREAD, or use google…

You use Garry’s Mod to map… duh

You use hammer to map… duh

He made a shitty thread I made a shitty response, and that’s how the world goes round

Hey maybe this convienent site should help mentally disabled people like yourself

If that was too confusing, you could just take a look here, it’s where I think most people looked for help when they started mapping. And It’s nice and organized too!