How to massively reduce lag

Hey guys, Berk here. I’ve seen many posts saying things like “I can’t play Rust because of the lag!” or complaints about the new graphic updates. My PC is old and only has 3 GB of RAM, and I can play Rust with little lag.

  1. Open up a program like notepad on your PC.

  2. Copy the following commands and paste them onto notepad. Once done save it to your desktop.

grass.on False
grass.forceredraw False
grass.displacement False
grass.disp_trail_seconds 1
grass.shadowcast False
grass.shadowreceive False
gfx.ssaa False
gfx.bloom False
gfx.grain False
gfx.ssao False
gfx.shafts False
gfx.tonemap False

  1. Open up Rust and and join a server. Press f1 and copy and paste each command (one by one)

Although it may take a while to do this, it is worth it if you want to play Rust lag-free.

What CPU are you using?

Just curious.

Intel Core 2 Duo (T5800 2.00 GHz)

Does this get rid of the rubber-banding?

My performance is fine - never freezes or stutters. But the player lag is just obscene. Players rubber-band and warp all over the place. I feel like I’m online gaming circa 1999.

This usually works for lag on your end. I’m not sure if it helps with player lag.

What kind of calculator are you running?

If I set grass.on false, other grass cvars will have expediency?

yeah i can run this game at 40-70 fps its just i get little lag spikes every 5-10 mins i dont have the greatest pc my specs are intel core quad q8200 2.33ghz and a radeon 5570 thats overclocked like crazy im going to upgrade to a better cpu and internet but alls i want is to know why i get these stupid lag spikes

When people talk about “lag” they mean the action on screen is behind the action you are performing with your controls. This can be caused on the client (your pc) by it not being able to keep up. That is what the suggestions above do - reduce the load on the client. CPU, graphics card, memory and so on.

Other lag is caused by latency and the consistency of your internet connection. Latency is time it takes for a message to travel between the client and server. This is your ping. A high ping means a constant delay. 100 ping is 100 ms which means 1/10 of a second delay to the server. Under 100 is usually barely noticable. Over 250 is like old school dial up latency.

You can also have drop outs on your connection where you get nothing for a few seconds. This can be caused by issues at the internet connection on the server, on your end, in between, or someone on your local network using all the bandwidth downloading a movie or something. It can also be caused by the server freezing or being busy.

Rubber banding is generally caused by the game running on your client losing connection with the server for a moment. Rather than freeze, it keeps going and tries to get back on track. Often it cannot and it rewinds you back to the last position the server has you at.

So the above will probably not help your rubber banding. A better internet connection might, but the problem might also be out of your control.

i have never had even a stutter from this game on max settings…

I cringe when people call low FPS “lag”.

Considering Rust is the only game I have any lag issues in at all, and those lag issues are so bad that it reminds me of playing FPSes back in 1999 – I’m gonna go with this being a Rust problem.

Remember that this is an alpha. Optimisation (like of the server code) is important in getting proper performance, but early optimisation can also be a problem. Until all the functionality required is supported, optimising can lock you in and make later changes more difficult. Early optimisations might need to be discarded completely later on as new things are added.

So expect more performance improvements later.