How to: Mirror props

A lot of people have been asking how. It’s very simply done with a tool called Precision Alignment. Don’t be deterred by this tool’s seeming overcomplexity, it is extremely powerful for building, I can’t even grasp most of it.

Ok, so to start off, download the set of tools with PA in it, install it, or just whip it out if the server already has it.

Place a prop in the center of everything, this will be your “Plane”.

Place your props

Then, take your PA tool, and select Plane Hitpos+Hitnormal, leave everything else alone

Then click the side of the prop on the side you want to mirror the props to (remember that it mirrors from the side of the prop you select, not the center of your plane)

Then, with your PA tool out, press R and go to the “Rotation Functions” tab and press “mirror across plane” and click “plane 1” from the left hand plane selection table.

Now RIGHT CLICK one prop (it can only do one at a time at the moment) to select it

Now press R with your PA tool, and hold your SHIFT key and click “rotate entity”.


Now repeat the process of right clicking a prop, pressing R, and shift clicking “rotate entity” for each prop.

voila! that’s it.

That is awesome it takes out half the work of building

do you mind if i add something karbine?
you you have already made half a tank or car or whatever and there is a base (centre) prop, make the plane on the middle of the base prop and open reload menu
then goto the planes tab and double click plane 1 to update it and (i prefer to) change the normalized part of it (because i have depth hud inline) so if you Shift+E physgunned it and it is directly along an axis (e.g thy Y axis , facing north) then set to normali to 0 on y 1 on x and 0 on Z and click update, then set
basically, the line coming out of the plane should be facing the props you want to mirror, or directly away from the props you want to mirror
hope I helped

go for it

Very nice. I’ve had PA for a while but haven’t been able to work it out. Thanks

I really don’t think you should be posting this. Wenli should.

Why? If someone wants to make a useful tutorial and advertise Wenli’s tools in the process why shouldn’t he? Its like saying you shouldn’t make any tutorials for Garry’s mod; Garry should.

Because, that’s all Karbine knows of PA. If anything, he should start from the beginning with Points.

Welp. This is a mirroring tutorial, not a PA tutorial.

Precision Alignment is a bitch to work out with all those options and drop-down menus, but once you get the hang of it it’s pretty useful.

Thanks karbine! I love PA. It’s one of the tools I have out most. (right with weld and e2) but couldn’t figure this out. :v:

Karb, you also have to select the side of the prop with plane - hitpos.
Else it gets around 3-4 inches off.
Middle: Plane hitpos hitnormal.
Side: Plane hitpos.

that means garry should post tutorials for any part of how gmod works. i’m just pointing out one of the massively useful features.

Video tutorials are golden. Please make plox.

it isn’t very hard what i’ve written

I downloaded PA, my brain exploded at all the functions and I never used it. We need more helpful guides like this for idiots like me :buddy:

I find PA really confusing, with all the functions that seem to be the same and things which i don’t have a clue how to use. Thanks for this tutorial, mirroring was the main reason i got PA.


Just wondering, is there some way adjust for it not mirroring from the centre of the plane prop? Because i think someone mentioned before that it ends up a few inches further out than it should.

I suppose i could use a PHX super flat plate as the plane to reduce the offset but it still wouldn’t be exact…

PA is overwelming at first, but it’s realy rather logical. I first looked at it and feared it would be like relearning e2 but once it was explained, it made perfect sense

Wenli is a cool guy, he wont mind

I think its good Karbine is making these tutorial threads, it helps alot of people

Yup, this is good advertising for me… I didn’t know it was getting to be so popular! I guess this’ll spur me on to finishing up the latest version and uploading some tutorial vids.

Yeah, most people find mirroring to be really useful, but there’s so much more to PA, you’d really be missing out if mirroring is all you use it for. It’d be a bit like using Wire for the applyForce function and not being able to do anything else.

Yes, put the plane in the centre of wherever you want it to be. It doesn’t have to be on a plate or anything, just click on the middle of a central prop with Plane - Hitpos + Hitnormal selected. Then use the next tool option, Plane - Hitnormal, and click on the side of something. That will change the direction of the plane without moving it, so you can mirror in the right direction.