How to model?

i was thinking of making some custom ragdolls and need alot of help with making models and skins. i have just started modding and dont know what to use please help

There used to be a sticky thread for this but I just noticed its gone missing @.@

3DS Max.

You’re even annoying when you give help.

Please stick to asking retarded questions and making us all hate you.

OP, asking how to model is a bannable offence.

lol, that’s pretty awful. asking how to model a bannable offence?

A lot of people decide one day:
“I wanna model something,”
but are just too lazy to continue with it.

If you wanna try modelling, I suggest Blender 3D. It’s free and supports multiple file formats. I’ve been using it for 2 years already from simple static props to cinematic physics: - Just get the installer

If you’re going to be using Blender you should also get python:

When you get into the program press SPACEBAR or go to the top menu bar where it might say something like “ADD” or “CREATE” depends on which version of Blender you’re running. Go to
ADD -> MESH -> --pick your object–
to create a new object in the scene. Select an object using RIGHT CLICK
Press TAB to switch between Object and Edit mode. Edit mode allows you to manipulate the vertices of the object you’re working on.
While in Edit mode, press B and drag over a few vertices to select them.
While in Edit mode, press E while a few vertices are selected to extrude them.
^That’s just a quick getting started guide I whipped up.

And here’s a simple tutorial on getting started on the Source Engine with Blender

Also, if you’re going to model something, you need to be able to compile it:

Thanks everyone and that’s crap all I wanna do is learn how to model/skin charicters and I might get banned

He told you how to model

Yep I know but that other dude said OP, asking how to model is a banable oftence. But I cnt seem to get 3DS Max anymore without paying… It used to be free back when I used to map Halo 2 with it

Woah, 3DS Max was free before? I have a hard time believing that for some reason. You sure it wasn’t just a trial? xD

You sure its not GMax your thinking of?

Holy moly, never heard of it but seems kinda funky.

Well have you been banned yet. No. Guess they don’t really care right now

3DS MAX used to be free, all versions before 3DS MAX 5 were free

Tomboym083 thanks for clearing that up with everyone and game zombie lol idk yet lol
and if you don’t wanna pay or get the trial just limewire it like most other gmoders

A very good tutorial from Dvondrake292 on how to go from blender to source.

Thanks I got blender and viper a couple days ago opened it then closed it and gave up but with tutorials it’ll be easy