How to mount an engine to a vehicle

Recently I’ve been working on a car. I built an engine for it using this tutorial:

The engine works fine when it’s held in the air but when I weld it to another prop, the crankshaft leans down and the whole engine becomes wobbly and unstable. I axised the crankshaft to the base prop of the car which fixed it leaning down but the thrusters are still wobbly and with every move they get displaced.

None of the cars I’ve seen on youtube seem to have this kind of problem with their engines.

Can someone tell me why?

The key is adjusting the weights so that the crankshaft weighs more than the wheels. The wheels shouldn’t be bigger than 35 units for this engine to work well. The crankshaft could weigh 150 and the wheels could weight 80. But you will have to experiment with that.

Also, you should use a BRD differential (tutorial here) to transfer the rotation force from the engine to the wheels. Each BRD plate should weigh about 100.

Don’t weld, use Center axis and Adv. Ballsocket instead when possible.
And change the C value in the E2 to 50 so that the engine will have more power.

Oh and here’s a tutorial for suspension, this might be useful too.

Yeah it’s just that i have not yet ballsocket’d it to the wheels. I just put it onto the car’s base prop and welded the engine block to it.

edit: Even after I have done that it still gets all loose and wobbly. I can’t even put it on the ground without misplacing the thrusters. After I turn the engine on it get even worse. Especially after I’ve upped the C value to 50. Now the engine is all over the place, the car itself flies in random directions and the whole thing looks like it’s having a heart attack.

edit 2: Apparently upping the engine block weight to 400 or so makes the engine sturdy which mr.white kind of forgot to add.