how to move entity gently?

i have made fight of character mode

and control entity (Not NPC)

i use veloctiy to move and i found problem when go up the stairs

if entity face very small hill or stair, entity don’t go to forward

so fix this problem as use trace.line

Unfortunately, it seems to have obstacle

other method which fix it such as player or npc movement???

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i didn’t know that video link hate https

switching it to an SNPC is probably a better course of action since I believe you can pretty much hook them up to work like you want and they should account for the terrain
or, you could use a custom camera and the player entity

either that or just keep running traces down in front of the entity to detect if there’s a terrain difference and give it some upwards thrust, (which is what you’re already doing…?) idk

You can make the entity slightly hover over the ground to allow it to overcome small terrain obstacles.

You can run a trace, get the “HitNormal” and set the velocity according to that.

You can always use the player entity as a last resort.