How to move "green ring" in some of models?

If you dont remember what is that green thing, look at cake of portal.
p.s: cake is lie.

You shoot the physgun at it.

The green ring shows up on effects, and aiming the physgun at it is the way to move them.

The cake is not a model, and yet a lie to pose.

SOrry to be offtopic but,
When I compiled my models, they always show up as effects, any suggestions?
and holy shit is that the real Djy?
ah well, I hope for a reaction!

I meant move green ring to another place or removing, sorry :slight_smile:
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May the Cake be with you

It’s not.

Anyway, you just shoot the Physgun beam at the green circle. Then move it around like normal.

I mean how to remove.

Pull out your gmod camera

Aim the remove tool at the area where the green ring is to remove it.

If you want to remove the whole item.

If you planning on make a screenshot or a video, when you take out the camera tool, the green circle won’t show up any more.

And the reason the models you compile have the green circle, is because you don’t compile them with a physics/collision model.

That DJY is a SPY.

(He’s my brother)

Is there a way to make it a simple static prop?

Color tool / Set opaque to 0 / shoot at circle

Works! Thank you

Oh cool, that actually helps me! Thanks, now I can use cake on contraptions and stuff.