How to: Move Props Together Precisly

[release]Hello, its Whitesinner0 with a Precision Alignment point tutorial. It was supposed to be longer but Fraps didn’t capture it all.[/release]
(Forgot how to post the link very nicely into the thread. :V)

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Thanks for the tutorial. Seemed a little rushed but was still helpful :buddy:

I agree.

The easier way is to get that thing which projects the grid and when you push E is snaps.

I have that, but its not as precise as Precision Alignment, hence the name.

Again sorry, fraps did not capture the whole video and plus my video editor sucks, i am going to find a new one hopefully.
If you have a better recorder, please comment.



or source recorder.



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nice tutorial

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First off, don’t use the trail version of fraps…

Second, If you can’t “get” a full version, I highly recommenced xFire because it’s simply full of win!

Last, use voice when making a tutorial. For lulz use Autotune in your tutorials so T-Pain can teach you how to snap props together!


@Karbine this isnt pure idiocy

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I don’t understand why you cant use easy precision for this…

Like I said, the video was cut short from crappy fraps, i will be makinga new one, with a better software even video editing

I have an even better method: I use SmartSnap and Easy Precision in combination. Those two tools might be the most effective building tools *ever *in the history of GMod.

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