How to nearly confirm a guy is using ESP

My team and I suspected a guy in our server was using aim assistance or at least ESP.
So we thought that if we started dropping items around his area (a lot of them) his ESP or the info he supposedly had on screen will make his PC crash.

Funny part is that this guy even started crying and accusing using in game chat us for being “ddosers” which would be nearly impossible to know it was us because we were far away from him (except if he used an ESP :smiley: )
Here are some screenshots which maybe don’t work as being perfect evidence for developers/admins, but for us is enough to confirm it. :wink:

Ty for your time devs and community.

If you think this is enough proof, tell me and I’ll report it in game or leave here the steam URL.

interesting idea;)

Smart I need to try this

I will test this on a clan on my server :DD

ESP Hacks usually just show a box where a player is. I doubt they also show where the items are, but that might be different for Rust.
Having an ESP hack and having a lot of items on screen won’t cause any FPS drops or such.
The game does load in the items if you are close enough, even if you can’t see the items, so it might be you are just lagging the poor guy out.

they are customizable you can put any entity there

As SulliG99 says the entities are customizable and you probably config it to see every item in game, boxes or even the cupboards. And even if items dont render in distance they are there and they will be shown in the ESP even if visually u dont see them

We should have anti cheater pogroms in rust servers

“ddoser at aerfiel;d” - LOL
“don’t see who droped item vy(by?) script” - OMGWTF R U DOING

Yes, the videos of ESP I’ve seen can most certainly list items in containers and people. I’d imagine all all those loose items are clogging up his UI, lagging the script and in turn his game.

I approve of these shenanigans.

THE DEVS could possibly program thousands of invisible items to us but not to him, objects floating in sky thats is esp would pick up would perhaps lag the hackers out

It is a great shame that the devs thought good to send the clients the contents of boxes before they are opened and items that are far away aswell as the position of players far away. I don’t see why the clients would need to have all that data in memory…

They’d need a flag so that they weren’t rendered. That flag would allow even a halfway decently programmed tool to ignore them too. You could probably be minorly disruptive with tons of things in inaccessible places, but even that can be worked around.

Which is why it’s this dumb shits own problem if he’s too stupid to figure this out. Alternatively he is using an especially shitty cheat, in which case that’s still his problem, just a different one.

Repeated again the process… He keeps telling me that I am a “ddoser” even saying that he will report me xD

Edit: English level under minimum requirements, make an effort to understand him :smiley:

LOL some people need to get out more.

Plot Twist: OP has been ddosing this guy since the start, and he just found the perfect excuse.

Well played sir… Well played.

Am not much into this. Can you actually ddos a single person? Always I experienced ddos attacks the whole server went down.

If you know someone’s IP you can DoS their modem at home if the ISP doesn’t have filtering in place. It’ll keep them from getting on at all…until they change their IP, which takes seconds if you know how.

Denial of Service attacks are bad, kids. Winners do drugs instead.

Actually, he said: “don’t see name droped item vy script”.

I agree with your conclusion on his typo (vy = by). But I read it as: don’t see name. droped item by script.

As in, someone used a script to drop items. Which, while it is a weird accusation, I can kind of understand given the quantity and even spacing of the items left behind. It’s a stupid thing to say, and almost assuredly wrong - but that’s never stopped people from saying stupid shit before. Punctuation matters!

I don’t know the whole story, but this kind of feels like Apkom might just be dumb enough to think that leaving a ton of objects around and causing the server to lag is how people ddos…

Anyway, I don’t see how leaving some items on the ground would cause any problems for an ESP program. Logically, it just doesn’t make any sense to me how the load of viewing items left on the ground would be any different for a hacker than a non-hacker.

As I understand it, that’s the principal by which these hacks work in the first place. All the info is on the client side anyway. ESP just reveals things the client has been told by the server to keep hidden.

The matter here is that Apkom was accusing me (directly) in chat, saying I was the one doing DDOS
(I know what DDOS is, but I dont know how to do it, not much into that weird stuff), when he was at least 150m away from me, and there was at least 5 more people around the airfield at that moment.

How do I know where he was? Cause he has been roofcamping his tower for a long time and he was shooting us at that moment when we started dropping items behind the wall at airfield. (His base was at the other side of it)

I made this post as a tip for people to try out in certain situations where they could think that someone was using wh; it is very easy to drop 1x item at a time even spaced and I truly believe that people that have these kind of programs and have the object esp turned on have some trouble when they start having tons of “sulphur ore item” or “metal ore item” across the place where they have the people they wanna shoot at :slight_smile:

Do you have a screen shot of this? Because in the two you’ve shared, you self identity as the person doing it. And Apkom actually specifically says he doesn’t know who it is.

Honestly, from what I see (partial story, of course), I think you’re harassing a dimwit - not fighting against a hacker.

Dimwit might be too strong. Language barrier might be the cause as well. If he means “hacker” when he says “DDOSer”, then basically what’s happening here is you’re both accusing each other of hacking based on piss poor evidence. Which, sadly, is something that happens in Rust 1000 times a day.