How to never get raided ever again from hackers crackers junkies your ex gfs and so on.

Make it in Fortify instead.

How to never get raided?

I saw Stone/wood Floors.
I saw Stone Doorways.
You were talking about the amount of C4/Rockets they would have to use as soon as they are in the center they can practicly club and pick through youre hole base.

Thats exactly how you get raided.

Pro tip: floors/doorways sheetmetal and tooling through youre base gets really hard to do.

Pro tip: you can’t hack through stone anymore either. There is no longer a weak side on stone walls doorways etc.

Not sure when they changed it, but the only stone building pieces you can pick through now are floors from below them, or foundations from above them, staircases pillars and steps. You can’t pick through Walls, And doorways anymore, both sides of them are equal in strength as of right now.


stone walls still have a weak side.

you must aim at the center with a pick and stand as far back from the wall as you can while still hitting it
and don’t say i’m wrong. Go try it before you even try to reply.

It also works for wood and sheet metal as well.

There did it for you.

I go by how many c4s is used not by picking its the reason why i added honey cone all over the outside i also updated the base with external stone walls and metal spikes on the inside of the wall leaving only the front door as passage

eazy base to raid. Peasant base peasant video

ironic pc master race shit from a guy named toaster.

Pro-Tip, layers of walls, I think by the time we got done we had 6 layers of high stone walls with a layer of 2+ high sheet metal inbetween each layer, no one ever even tried to raid us lol

Can i play with you? Add me on steam my base got raided keep in mind we built that in 2 days only imagen if we put a week into rust?

Haha the base I posted was built by our group in about 12 hours with about 9 of us =D

I’ll ping the group and see if we’re looking for more =D

Nice i only play with 2 other guys they are pretty honest ppl hard working too

Yeah, rust has become a game about group size and nothing more, sadly.

If you only knew about koreans and asians you would want a giant english speaking group they all team up against us all as a whole.

'nuff said xD

Pro tipp: You can get through Stone/Walls Windows Floors Doorways everything has still a weak site,
Go for Metal Floors and Doorways to make the raiding alot harder.

well gg m8 i just recently join a clan and we got betrayed again out of 4 clans i been to on rust theres always a giant jop also your hacker friends wolfy will be banned sometime soon after the DEV team finish whatever they are working on.

Amazing video, great work.

Hilarious. :v:

I came here expecting a video showing people how to uninstall the game. I’m kinda disappointed.