How to never lose a fight in Rust

Use the fact that every person skips frames and is harder to hit than an Ethiopian zombie on meth.
So you’re now jumping around and running in logic defying ways, spam e to loot your enemy.
So now you’re doing the same Ethiopian tactic + spamming e, now you need to keep your distance close, but not too close, you can loot from quite a good distance.
Now you take their weapons, and then go on the offensive. The Polish caveman tactic, yell meaningless conspiracies at your enemy “It was the CIA controlling the Brazilians in the mountains that stopped all the animals from spawning here!!!” or “The Hazmat triplets in the desert are funding by a Muslim movement in the north!!!”

while you are looting my gun I will spear you in the face. There you lost.

Hit detection and player location is utter garbage in exp. And you should only be able to loot items that aren’t equipped.

I would like to still be able to steal peoples hats.

Why? If you know it exists it’s possible to defend against, all it takes is one spear to the eye and that inventory peeker will learn to focus on their enemy.