How to obtain a server hosting license


I’ve been looking around the forums and elsewhere online to see how to host a Rust server and haven’t had much luck. I’ve emailed Facepunch at their contact email address and after a few days haven’t yet received a reply. Is there an application I could fill out possibly, or does a Rust server hosting license need to be obtained for a fee (even if it’s just for personal use and not commercial)? Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Unless you own a proper hosting company don’t expect any replies or to get access. The server files may be released to the public later in development this hasn’t been confirmed or denied. The only way to get a server currently is to rent one.

Or you can obtain the leaked server file which is listed in a thread. I won’t post it, but look around… it’s there.

Let me rephrase my post then :stuck_out_tongue: Renting a server is the only LEGAL way to get a server :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s legal if someone else didn’t post it and you get it on your own.

There’s nothing illegal about running rust with the leaked server .rar file out there. I run one. It’s the only way I can play currently without experiencing the most annoying bug for the 1% userbase who experience it…



I don’t see how using this is “illegal” since you can’t be slapped with a fine, nor blacklisted from the query servers unless the devs want to, and I doubt they’d do that. They have bigger fish to fry right now (bugs and updates).

So, it’s not illegal… it’s just not exactly smiled upon… and mostly by the community. I have yet to see a DEV officially comment and state if you’re using the leaked version you’re in violation of section x of y document.

I read the EULA. Doesn’t say didly about leaked server files.

Wow I didn’t even realise someone actually thought it was a good idea to post a link on the forums ._.

Edit: Disregard my previous posts :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t think the files had been leaked publicly certainly not on the forums… lol


I’m not saying it was a good idea. I’m just stating it for what it is. It’s out there and publicly available to those who are quick on the ball to get it. I use it, works great for me.

Only reason that I use it right now though, as I have stated repeatedly… is because I dont experience the desync bug on my own locally hosted server.

If I wasn’t experiencing it… trust me… I wouldn’t have even bothered to download it. I woulda shrugged it off and let it fly.

But seeing as every server I’m on has this issue with me desyncing (without using voip mind you)… It’s useful to me right now to set my own server up and play that way… especially since other players can play in it and don’t experience the desync bug that I experience on other servers.