How to only have server's own spawnlist in spawnmenu?

hi there

I wanna make so it would look something like that

imo that way it looks cleaner and avoid people trying to spawn blacklisted props

I want it to be a fake spawnlists menu, so it wouldn’t mess up with anything
by fake I mean a new tab that resembles the default spawnlists

I know how to create a new tab, but I’ve no clue how to populate it with props neither associate it to a spawnlist.txt file
not sure if this fake tab thing is the best way to go, sounded nice in my ignorant mind

I tried messing around \gamemode\spawnmenu\ files with no success

I appreciate any help at all,

This will not stop or prevent people from spawning blacklisted/unwanted props.

The only way to do so is to use this hook:


but this isn’t supposed to do it, I meant that this would prevent people from seeing a blacklisted prop and click to spawn it, it is supposed to organize and unclog, not to also block props by itself

obviously I do want to block the spawn of some props, but that’s not the topic here