How to open ".db" file (database)


How to open “.db” file for edit.
I need edit the pointshop points for players and other.

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You can use any software that can edit SQLite databases. Do this when the server isn’t running.

An example is

but, what is this numbers ? look

I guess player ID of sorts. Doesn’t look like SteamID or UniqueID tho.

Could be wrong but i’m pretty sure that is the players unique ID

How know it’s me, or other player ? =)

Are you trying to give yourself 9999 points? Because you can do that in game.

Take a look at this

How know is me or other player ?

Find your own Unique ID then search the table for your own Unique ID

If you want to quickly get the unique id of a steam id, you can type this in your server console:

Thanks DEFCON1