How to open .pac files from SSBB

Well here I am again, asking yet another question on extracting.

So I want to hex a reskin of peach made for brawl, but the only way I can seem to open the textures is with Brawlbox, and they all turn out to be .raw files. Am I supposed to open the .raw files to get the textures, or is there a different way?

If the archive is already in a .pac or .brres, you can extract the archive into a readable format with Brresviewer.

You basically open up the .pac with Brresviewer and go to file>export all.

Sorry for the bump, but would anybody know what to do with .pcs files?

Even though I was able to change the file extension to .pac, whenever I open a .pcs file my brresviewer crashes. It happens of my friends computer to.

Bump I would appreciate if anyone knows this, but I’m going to make this the last bump.

Open the PCS files up in BrawlBox, then change the “Compression” to “None”, then save the file. You should then be able to open it up in BRRESViewer.

But you should be able to export the textures if you slap a .TGA or .PNG at the end of the texture names as you’re extracting them.

Thank you man, you just saved me a lot of trouble. Again, thank you so much.