How to open SFM models in Gmod

Hello, i was searching whole day on how to open or port SFM models to Gmod but i cant find clear answer or tutorial anywhere, can someone here help me to convert SFM model to Gmod model, if possible detailed step by step tutorial.

Thanks in advance.

Btw, sorry if its in wrong section, im new here
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Well this is awkward. Hello!

In general, though, the only thing SFM models are missing are physics. Technically, you can get away without physics in gmod, via the Joint Tool. You will want to look into building physics models, though. There are tutorials around for it.

Then you’ll want to use Crowbar to decompile the models and recompile them.

Some SFM models, however, take advantage of the higher bone count. I’ve heard rumors that gmod can/will be able to support the 256 bones that SFM can, but until such time, models with 129 (197? I can’t remember what the Orange Box limit was…) or more bones will cause problems, and require consolidation. In such case, you’ll want to look into how to transfer skin-weights in your modeling program of choice.

Hope that helps, mate.

Yeah, really akward

I can live without physics on that model so i tried to recompile it in crowbar using gmod option but in log it just gave me bad command $model

i really dont know how to do this, im new with all this porting things

One way to open them directly without doing anything is to download the SFM model, put it in your addons and then when in Gmod do this:

Open the spawnmenu, right click on the model icon and click “Copy to clipboard.”

Then, go to console and write “prop_dynamic_create pastethecopiedstuffhere” without the quotes and press enter.

So the command would be like this:

prop_dynamic_create whateveryourmodeliscalled.mdl

But remember when you do the copy to clipboard thingy and paste it in the console, remove the “model/” text that is before the model name, otherwise the model will spawn as an error.

So this is wrong:

prop_dynamic_create model/example.mdl

This is right:

**prop_dynamic_create example.mdl

They will spawn as an static object with the green effect ring around them, and by using the Join Tool or Advanced Bone Tool you can move around the hands, legs, body and what not. Some have faceposing through the faceposer, others do not. And remember to use Easy Bodygroup Tool if you want to change bodygroups, granted that the model has them.

But not every SFM model works in gmod. Some give this error in console:

**Model uses STRIP_IS_QUADLIST_REG - will crash in this engine - so not loading!

I have no idea what it means but if it gives that error they do not appear to spawn at all. And i have no idea how to determine which model works beforehand, you just gotta try it. Maybe something that uses more high res textures wont work.

But if you want to port them properly to Gmod, and make player models, NPCs or just regular ragdolls, i don’t know how, but this method is what i have been using.

I tried that already but it gives me Model uses STRIP_IS_QUADLIST_REG - will crash in this engine - so not loading!

prop_dynamic_create dosent work

I hope someone on this forum can write full tutorial on how to recompile them for gmod (decompiling editing and recompiling or at least just tutorial about recompiling it for gmod without editing)

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Hopefully this doesn’t get removed, but my model is completely invisible. All I can see is the green ring. I can pick it up with the physgun and stuff, but it’s just invisible.

In general the SFM compiler isn’t compatible with GMod and you’re going to either crash your game or get that quadlist error every time. Install Source SDK Base 2013 if you don’t already have it installed and use StudioMDL from there.

I Did It , But There Was Something Wrong , It’s Not Showing Him Self , I Mean The Colors Of The Model , Why? Can You Fix It?