how to optimize dedicated server ?

Having some problems with lag on my server
I run the server on a 50/50 Fiber connection

in my server.cfg i have this

sv_minrate 0
sv_maxrate 9999
sv_minupdaterate 10
sv_maxupdaterate 20
sbox_maxtextscreens 5

We need more info to know what the cause could be. How many players? What gamemode? What addons? What tickrate? What processor? How much RAM?

What tickrate?
have set my tickrate to 13 that help me

Thanks YourStalker :cool:

Set that shit to 33 or 66

13 tickrate rofl

13 tickrate? Set it to 66 tic atleast.

What is Tickrate Exactly plz ? :slight_smile:

Tickrate is the amount of time the client and the server exchange data per second. A tickrate of 66 means that the client is sending data to the server and vice versa 66 times a second. 13 tickrate is probably what is causing your lag.

Go 16 if you’re on darkrp with 40 or more players, any lower go 33. 66 is really hard to pull off on high player counts in darkrp.

Assuming you’re on ttt try 66 tick for 20 players, if it can’t handle it go down to 33.

Having 16 tick should make it look laggy but will make hit detection a bit off which means guns will be less accurate.