How to Parking Garage!?

Yeah, so I’m like making a parking garage and I wanted to make the half-circle ramps that bring the cars up one story. If you know what I mean…It looks like this

Can someone explain how I would make it? I have no idea where to start.

Its like making a circular ramp but you do it on both sides.

How do you make a circular ramp :confused:

you could use the arch tool, and add height, then vertex edit it, but there’s probably a simpler way.

I would hope

This is sort of tough to do in hammer. If you use the arch+add height+vertex edit method you might end up with a bumpy uneven ramp that’s ugly as hell. There’s a tutorial for that here:

I find that it’s better to convert the top faces of your stepped arch into displacements. After that you manually raise each displacement vertice using “raise to” mode, adding on height to each vertice until the whole thing looks like a ramp. It takes a little bit of time and math, but unless you can make ramp model in a modelling program this is the smoothest curved ramp you’re going to get.

Thanks alot Bigwig. Much appreciated.