How to permantly save text screens?

How can I permently save text screens of wire?

I have a DarkRP server and would like to add signs that stays after server restart/shutdown.

Does anyone has a solution?

Bump. C’mon doesn’t anyone knows?

Yes, by using the Save/Load functions in the console of the server:

save <any name you want>
load <name you have set in save>

Hmm. Thanks I will try that.

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I tried but it doesn’t seem to work I get the error:
Can’t save if not active.

You must only use when you or someone are on the server. Not when server is empty or it won’t work.

I was on the server and I had put some props in the map just some normal gmod props.

Oops, I forgot the save/load function only work in singleplayer.
If you want to save the map in multiplayer, try using addons like Adv.Dupe 2 as far I know.

Ok so after a bit of searching i found this line of code in one of my addons that saves an npc to my map

local Map = string.lower(game.GetMap())
file.Write(“rm_car_dealer/mapsave/” … Map … “.txt”, util.TableToJSON(TB2Save))

So im thinking that if you know enogh lua to make a variable to replace rm_car_dealer then you shuld be set.
of course you will have to know how to make a script and the variable name will be what you type in console to trigger the saving process.
The one think that i found wrong with this line of code is that no were is there a prop name entity name or anything so im guessing you will have to input that into a string of some sort.
I would do this for you but im realy busy so i dont have the time to write a script to save text screens to a map cause i realy dont need this on my server because i have f admin motd which works the same way but it hosts websites and saves to the server after a restart.

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i missed some of the code i have more of it if it will help you out.

	MsgN("3DCarDealer - Saving all")
	local TB2Save = {}
	for k,v in pairs(ents.FindByClass("rm_car_dealer")) do
		local TB2Insert = {}
		TB2Insert.Pos = v:GetPos()
		TB2Insert.Angle = v:GetAngles()
	local Map = string.lower(game.GetMap())
	file.Write("rm_car_dealer/mapsave/" .. Map .. ".txt", util.TableToJSON(TB2Save))
	ply:ChatPrint("3D Car dealer :: Car dealers are saved.")
	D3DCar_Meta:Notify( ply, 1, 3, "Car dealer has been saved")