How to place buggy.mdl / jeep into CS:S (Hammer)


I want a driveable car in my map, for racing.
Can someone tell me, is this possible in the CS:S engine?
Or do I have to change some things then?
I don’t want to change to a other engine cause I miss alot of textures then, and I’m pretty far with my map now. And I need the info_player_t and ct for the map I’m making (and the gamemode where it’s linked to.)

It can’t be done in CSS. The entity doesn’t exist.

It is possible to make vehicles… There is a tutorial on interlopers I believe.

Just add the HL2 FGDs to your CS:S hammer configuration. You obviously can’t use those entities in CS:S, but you can set them up for use in Gmod.

Btw, can someone help me with using bspzip / pakrat?
I don’t know how to use them (yes, already tried), and, I need to pack 2 sounds (working on hammer / in my local files / ingame), and a few textures