How to Play alpha test ?

Like a title

you don’t. keys aren’t being handed out right now.

I’m guessing you want to know how to play the game…

You need a beta key, and as far as I know there is no more going out for now, not sure when there going to start giving them out again but don’t spam around asking for one unless you’re looking for a ban.

The updates said “Removed key requirement”, what does this mean?

Would love to know as well. I caught the story off Joystiq. Exactly my kind of game! The initial, randomly typed beta key allows me to progress to the next registration step (username, etc) but reports “invalid beta key” when I try to go any further.

8 days and then 4 days.

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Gman freedman yo why it say u disabled beta key requirement but its still neded to regester


This is not a discussion thread about someones private life. Keep that to PMs.

I found this while searching
and this

looks like a great way to get banned fast?

no need to ban anyone really. since non of those things work anyway.

Holy shit these threads are getting ridiculous

**You’re not going to get beta keys by making these threads or posts, or incessantly PMing people about it, or begging for it, or by cleaning your teeth tonight

Neither are you going to get a key by using the magical admin betakeys page on, it’ll only spit out keys for garry and helk no matter how much you try**

Also: Buying Goldmember isn’t going to magically give you a key in your inbox just because you spent $10, you’re just wasting money

The game might look awesome / right up your street, but you need to understand that:
it’s alpha
it’s not for public consumption yet (hence all the glitches and hackers) and is designed purely for testing
and you just need to have some goddamn patience before you can get your mittens on it

how to use the betakey generator?

The Joystiq article that I mentioned finding the game from just updated:

Update: The alpha is closed, for now, so put down your keyboards and take a deep breath. Keep an eye out for updates on the Rust forums.

I’m seeing now all the banned accounts and rejections for beta-keys throughout the rest of the forum. Really doesn’t help that a major news site started perpetuating the falsehood that the game was openly playable. Sorry devs. :confused:

You have to be an admin or have magical powers to generate a key.

Your name scared me…
You can’t, it’s not meant to be used by normal users. Only Admins.

Um thanks? XD Then how did that guy even find it? Kinda suspicious if you ask me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who the fuck keeps inviting these people?

Why isn’t there a sticky answering the question everyone is asking then? It looks like people that come to this thread just see it at the top, like the title and click on it, if there was a sticky saying they aren’t giving out keys, it would stop a lot of this.