How to play gmod

In the eyes of a mingebag.

Like im on drugs while being drunk,stoned,hyperactive and sleeping at the same time O.o

I’m scared. Good work.



That is why I Play Single Player or make a private server…Mingebags, the death of all of us.


I was waiting for the server to crash.

The server never crashed actually, and it was my own server.


What… did I just watch?

What was that at 0:20?

I actually enjoyed 0_o

damn that was an acid trip

You made me make brown in my pants…

Woah, that was, holy shit. That was fucking trippy.
My head is going to ring for a while.

A real mindfuck

Real mingebags spawn like 50 of the giant prison props on a server with the Explosive entities tool … :slight_smile:

That. Was. AWESOME!

Note to self and all others try to do most thigs they DONT show in the vid!!! Funny vid :slight_smile:

OMG my ears are bleeding