How to play Legacy Rust?

I know how to play Legacy Rust, Just play it on the steam browser, hit Legacy, blah blah blah. But, what I would want to know is that how can I play Legacy Rust again? I saw it on Devblog #28, and it says that, “This branch contains only Legacy. Running a shortcut on your desktop will open up legacy. You won’t ever download any updates because Legacy isn’t being updated.”

 So why I can't play?

It’s because Rust was being a bitch at that time, so I reinstalled it, without knowing that legacy’s file will be removed. So, after reinstalling the game, I come up to play Legacy Rust again. But this time, it wouldn’t load. It was stuck on the grey dead smiley face. So, I checked the Devblog #28, and I now remember, Since there are no more updates for Legacy Rust, I can’t play it.

 So, does anyone have a way to fix this problem, because I have no clue on how to fix this. The only Rust that works for me is the Experimental (New) Rust.