How to play music on GM13??

Ever since I learned how to use HLDJ I wanted to play music on all the Source games I could, then I got Garry’s Mod. I booted up HLDJ to see if I could play music on a server but I could not :c

Is it possible to play music on GM13? I know some people say to use VAC and Foobar2000 but I could not learn how to use them.

If anyone finds a way to use those a knows how to play music on GM13, please tell me where and how to get it. If you can, post the simplest instructions to how to download it. Thank you!

Fuck of----

okay fine
look in your recording tab on windows for something that says audio mix or something like that
or use virtual audio cable

either of those ways you can’t use your mic for other purposes though
VAC is pretty easy to use.

How do one use VAC? :v:


Oh virtual audio cable… That’s a neat little program.

If you have a good enough dedicated audio interface on your computer, some of their drivers let you feed your output back into microphone without installing any of that shit…

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Or you can get a mono 3.5mm aux and literally plug your sound into your mic :v:

I use VAC for a mic - you could go into your microphones on windows and “Listen” to the real microphone on your VAC.

Just pretend that you’ve opened the real microphone’s settings rather than Line 1’s.

Could you give me more information on the recording tab? And also how to actually play music with it? Do I have to literally put like a device up to my phone to play it? Also, when I set Line 1 as my default device, I hear nothing.

Watch out though, not all devices have that “Listen to this device” function on hardware level. This means that on Windows 7 at least, you’re not always able to turn that feature on. Like I said, it depends on the hardware and drivers that you have.

On Windows 8, it might be a different story. Maybe it always supports it and just falls back to software audio mixing. That could cause lag, though. Especially if you’re running an on-board sound chip…

Snip that

HLDJ works, the server you play on just needs to allow it.

Get Morphvox pro. You can play music from it and it will play directly through the input (Microphone - Screaming Bee Audio.)