How To Play Rust (Rust Tutorial)

Hey guys so I was looking around the forums and I can see that quite a lot of people are new to rust and don’t know how to play. Because of this I made a video talking about the basics in rust and how to survive!

This video does NOT cover everything as I will be making other videos covering areas in more detail but this video just quickly goes through how to survive rust on your first day. I thank anyone who watched the video and if you found it useful a subscription would be much appreciated as I started this channel a week ago but I promise more high quality videos are coming soon. :slight_smile:

Quick question. How many times did you die on your first day?

Don’t worry about it. Someone else has already been posting videos of how to do the most simplest things. Although they didn’t do one showing me how to turn my computer on so I guess I’m out of luck.

On my first day I died around 12 times.
10 because of a bullet to my body :frowning:

Lol just watched your dayz vs rust video! This video was good aswell! I will sub!