How to play Rust?

**Hi guys, I’m new here… Can you tell me please, how to play Rust? I really like the game … I’ve watched lots of gameplay videos and I want to play it … Is there a way to play it without any purchasing? Or please give me free code ( I heard there are keys to play the game ). Can I download it from somewhere? P.S SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH **

Man I’ve been gone for 4 months and these threads still keep appearing, and no there isn’t any way to acquire keys directly from the devs at the moment.

I hate to say it 12vie, but your an idiot if your thinking your getting this game for free.

I said I’m new … why guys are you so rude? I’m just asking … wtf …

There are no more keys available. Sorry.

Edited, I didn’t read the original post correctly. People are upset because you are basically begging for a key or a way to pirate it. That is really frowned upon here. I’ll try not to be rude, but I will tell you: posting asking for a key will get you yelled at 100% of the time.

There not selling keys anymore you have to wait till the game is on steam to buy it.

How much money will it cost? :))