How To Play SpaceBuild 3 Single Player ?

I want to play SpaceBuild 3 in singleplayer but i cant see this gamemode in my settings to choose i downloaded everything about SpaceBuild 3 from this link i added SpaceBuild 3 gamemode folder to addons cause the site says this. But i want to play this mod in singleplayer too so how ?

I think you have to be on a spacebuild map and the spacebuild game mode should load automatically.

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Most likely, you need to put something in the gamemode folder, not addon. If there is no such thing in whatever you downloaded then you probably can’t use it for single player.

I have the spacebuild 3 gamemode, but if I start a single player game with it it acts really weird. It’s not intended for single player so it probably won’t work in single player either. Though I really don’t know for sure. I’m not a Lua programmer and your best bet is probably if you get one of those to help you.

SB3 loads automatically when you’re playing on a SB map (and possibly gm_construct and/or gm_flatgrass).

You should have an SB3 folder in your addons.