How to play the animations of a prop/model in gmod ?

I made a model with animations and i would like to test it ingame.
Is there a way to play a specific animation of a specific prop ?
Sorry if this is a stupid question.

Through lua would be easiest.

But if it works in the model viewer, it should work in-game.

It needs to be spawned as a prop_dynamic

And how do i do that ? (do i need to know Lua ?)

Get it into hammer, set it as a prop_dynamic (if it doesn’t show up, a prop_dynamic_override) and have a logic_auto with outputs “OnMapSpawn > name of model SetAnimation” with a parameter override of the name of the animation.

Easiest way.

Does anyone know if this can be done using console commands?

sv_cheats 1
prop_physics_create <model path>.mdl
ent_fire !picker setanimation <animation name>

Oh awesorne, So what’s he purpose if ent_fire, and !picker?

ent_fire is used to interact with entities
!picker tells ent_fire to do the command on whatever your crosshairs are pointing at

Thanks guys.

i know this is an old thread but, is it possible to list animations a certain prop/effect has in gmod and play/run it on the prop for things such as machinimas

When I type (prop_physics_create “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\skanvilark\garrysmod\garrysmod\models\ApwnInTheDark’s Starship Pack\enterprise (2009).mdl”) should my prop spawn? And which animation name should I use? The VFM I made is faceposer or the original?