How to play the YouTube Player...?


I click ‘entities’ and the ‘YouTube’ logo button, it gives my the options to choose between a Billboard, a Plasma TV and a Projector. When I choose one, I expect it to then have me enter a Youtube URL. It doesn’t. The prop is spawned, and nothing more.

That’s an ent from gmod tower, isn’t it?

Doesn’t work without the gamemode.

Look at the prop and press the use key. :downs:

have you tried press E on the TV then look on those tabs? “Enter an URL”

Yeah, I can enter a URL, but when I go to ‘Load Video’ it seems to freeze and I have to close gmod with the task manager through CTRL ALT DEL

I get that too, it’s strange.

You have the latest flash player installed on internet explorer right?

I have, still shit happens.

I do.