How to port Jedi Knight Jedi Academy .pk3 file into Garry's Mod?

I need a detailed how-to on how to do this please, A similar question was asked a few weeks ago about this but answers were vague as heck. Please help me! If anyone is interested the map I’m trying to port is the senate map from this

This is a long proccess ,you’ll need some software 1st 1:- Q3map2 2:- worldcraft 3.3 “the old hammer editor” 3:- Jackhammer

the .PK3 is bascily a zip file so use 7zip to unpack it once its unpacked open the maps folder and you’ll see a .bsp this is a quake3 bsp use the Q3map2 program to decompile the bsp into a .map file, once you ave a .map file open and set up Jackhammer for the game Quake 3 or Jedi Knight Jedi Academy if you don’t have Q3 open the .map in the Q3 setup then save it as a .jmf which is the jackhammer format close jackhammer, open jackhammer then open the .jmf file with a setup of halflife gldscr and save it as a HL! .map, close jack hammer , open worldcraft 3.3 then open the .map file and save it as an .rmf close worldcraft 3.3 , now open your Gmod hammer and open the .rmf file and save it as a hl2 .vmf format file and then texture the level and then compile and play :slight_smile: if you any more help or get stuck post back here

Thx! I got it!

start Jack then Tools then options, game profiles tab then do configeration, set name, click add under game data files and select q3.fgd, select quake3 as map type then click directories tab and fill in the game exec and folders theres no need to totally set it up because all you want to do is convert the q3 .map file to a hl1 .map so u can then open it in worldcraft 3.3