How to port stuff?

I want to port “Blackout.mdl”, The one that if a camera is parented to it, It makes it seem like the character is getting up off the floor, For some reason its in hl2, But not ep2?

Thanks if anyone can tell me how

Download and install GCFScape (google it), then open “Source Engine Shared.gcf” in the Steam/steamapps, find the model you want, select it then extract it to steamapps/username/half life 2 episode 2/ep2/models, making sure the folder you extract it to is in the same location as in the GCF. (so if the model in the GCF was in models/camera, it would need to go in ep2/models/camera.

Fantastic, Thanks

Btw if it isn’t Source Engine Shared.gcf it will be Source Engine Something. I just can’t remember off the top of my head.

ok, Thanks



I cant find the map the model was in, Or the model itself, Can somebody help me please, I have been loking forever