How to pose in cars

Hi I was just wondering how you pose in cars because ive tried bit it comes out bad :confused: also how do you make it seem like the cars are moving :stuck_out_tongue:

If the car has a huge physbox (i.e. area where you can pick it up with a physgun), then no-collide the ragdoll with your car, and pose it somewhere along those lines (that’s more of a low sitting sportscar pose, wouldn’t work for, say, a truck):

and then keep moving the car in, seeing how it looks and moving it out to adjust posing.


This reminds me, we need a F.A.Q thread.

use the ignore tool

Thank you so much guys :slight_smile: Very helpful

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I just put this in my addons right

Ninj, you’re my hero!


It’s always worked in 13. The tool name when you have the tool out is messed up, but that’s all that’s wrong with it.

You make cars seem like they’re moving by putting elements that represent or indicate motion - drivers/passengers tilting their upper torsos, antenna waving from side to side, smoke, dust, etc. Motion blur is an easy solution as well if you’ve got editing software.

Try and take a look at this picture:

I made sure to put as many moving elements as I could when creating it. I put in elements such as dust and pebbles flying off the wheels, the wheel’s rim popping off, the characters leaning to the vehicles motion appropriately, holding onto its frame, and added motion blur wherever I could.

And if your model doesn’t make it crash,
ragdoll Mover.