How to position my self....

How to position my self in some map place by typing in to console the coordinates?

‘setpos x y z’

Ok thanks, but i also need to set the pitch and yaw.

‘setang p y r’

Thanks again.

Glad I could help! :smile:

Wow, I never knew you could set the Pitch yaw roll, awesome, informative for you!

Thanks, knowledge like this accumulates over 5 years in source.

Well I must have had about that in Source, or close to anyway, but I never really learnt console commands and such, could be a useful subject to look into.

Console commands are incredibly useful for tracking errors, areas of low optimization, seeing resources used, etc. With the right combination of them you can build up an interface where you have fps, resource allocation and usage, network load etc. Very useful to learn them in the long run. I think this should be the topic for today’s blog post, I’ll include lots of useful ones, hope this helps/will help. :smile:

Excellent, nice one SnakeFace, I look forward to reading it :smile: