How to prevent noobs from getting to airdrop first trick

How to prevent noobs from getting to airdrop first trick

How high can you build with full inventory of wood

this is an old trick. it was made more difficult with the twig tier, as building the wall around it takes more time. also now, even harder to do cause the plane fly low and the drop stays in the air for less time.

but yeah i got a few drops thanks to it, and it was not only effective against noobs. when the walls were wood from when you placed it, put a cupboard in, and nobody could get in. some people still managed to shoot me through walls, i dont know how they did it.

Try that at an airdrop with 15 people 1/2 of which have guns and it’s not quite as easy.

if you:

  1. had 4k wood on you
  2. were near the landing spot of the drop

you could build that quickly before the arrival of people. didnt matter if they had guns or not… walls were protecting you. but like it said, its very hard to do this now since the package will touch the ground very quickly.

Does matter if they have guns, because you have to get back out, too.

The one dude that showed up didn’t even try to put up a fight. You got off easy.

I’ve pulled a similar strategy, but it’s recommended to have two people.
One person pillars up instead. Put some floors around themself.
One person sits at the bottom, armed and armored as best so they can to guard.

This keeps the drop from hitting the ground at all and prevents people from easily reaching it for the first few moments, even if they knock down the pillar.
Person on ground defends the pillar.


its a PvE server

that stunt is not going to get you very far against people trying to kill you

well, i have one idea for drops.

1 out of 5 should be a trap, like a bomb, when the player opens, a c4 blows on his face. that will do to airdrops more fun and stress situations.

Imagine you on the drop…
should i open?
Should i wait for someone open then shoot the guy and take the loot if its not a trap?

If the drop can be a trap, you still will going to get it with armour and guns and risk to loose all the itens when open the loot?

sorry for my english, Brazilian here.

We do (did) this all the time. Works very well if you get their early enough. You better hope it has a gun though so you could shoot yourself out the havoc outside.

This isn’t viable anymore considering it takes 30 seconds for the airdrop to hit ground now.

i always could get out. either i wait a while and people kill each other. then the last one remaining think its all gone and just leave. or, sometime i jump in the pack, pretend to be a nakedand just run away. there are 8 people runnign around the wall with rocks and stone hatchet, you just mix in and pretend to run away from the gunmen.