How to Prevent Server Crashes, Client Side Crashes, and Exploits.

I’m surprised I can’t find this anywhere on Google or Facepunch.

So basically I’m a server owner and people like to get on my server and crash and glitch it. I don’t know how they do it, but mingebags love getting on my server to push my buttons.

Today, I got multiple reports of people prop blocking doors. When I checked the doors, there wouldn’t be a prop there, it wasn’t invisible, it was nonexistent. But the doors were apparently blocked (they would open partly and get stuck). A cleanup fixed this problem, but it kept coming back. I later suspected a certain player, and cleaned up his props, to find that it automatically fixed the problem. I permabanned him.

That’s one exploit I don’t want to deal with.

Next, somebody is spawning something that caused everybody to Client Side crash. I think it’s a spray, because I know there’s a certain spray you can use that would do this. My logs don’t show anybody spawning anything just before the crash, so I’m clueless.

It would be helpful if there was a lit of things that would prevent trolls from crashing my server, server side or client side, and prevent exploits.

And of course, I’d appreciate it if you had a solution for my problems.

if you have wire mod be sure to block the forcer tool i found out the hard way that people can knock out doors


I’ve found that you should disable physical properties to prevent “barrel crashes.” Either that or winch.

There were motor tool and Hydrolic exploits, I am unsure if they have been fixed or not.

Wiremod is the source of all evil for creation and destruction its essentially a toss up between what you want to sacrifice in usability and possible mingeability.

A great example of this is the wiremod user a must have for say an automatic gunshop others can take a user stick it inside of your auto gunshop and spawn out all the weapons.

Suggest disabling players from uploading there custom content from there local machines to your server via advanced dupe as they just contain minge machines that also bypass limits on tools you restrict.

Also i suggest removing E2 from the server this is very easy to exploit as any kid can watch a tutorial and act like a e2 king.

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Thanks for you input.

It really depends on what type of server you have when it comes to whether or not you’d want Wiremod/Related.
For example, an RP server should have a limited version of Wire (No E2, no/limited Adv. Dupe, etc.)
However, a build server should have all of these things.

Not everybody who uploads an Adv. Dupe to the server is a minge. There are many times I’ve gone on a server and been aggravated that I can’t put something onto the server because the owner is paranoid about minges and the like. When you own a build server, there are so many other, more effective ways than Adv. Dupe to take down a server that it’s not even worth it.

I personally have found WireMod to be a pain in the ass. I’ve never really used wiremod, but I’m practically forced to put it on the server in order to keep people from leaving when they join and check for it.