How to: Proper Parenting

Another tutorial, this one on a very key element of building. We will be using a tool that most servers have called Multi-parent.

A lot of people parent things incorrectly by parenting props to other props. This is not the right way unless you weld the prop before parenting, doing so will retain the prop’s collisions.

Some things to know about parenting:
-Parenting reduces lag by making the props “collision shells” fall to the ground, therefore they do not move with the contraption.
-Parenting is highly useful for detail props and high-prop contraptions, such as cars.
-Parenting wire reduces lag
-Welding props prior to parenting makes the prop retain its collisions, which means the prop will then act as if it has no gravity, so inertia still exists. Not welding removes all weight and inertia but weight can still be set for armoring props in things like GCombat and ACF.
-Props parented to props cannot be altered or removed because LUA can no longer run traces on them. It’s not understood why parenting to wire chips absolves this.
-Always parent to a wire entity, safe wire entities are wire chips, as some others work but not all the time (expressions).

Ok, here we go.

Say this is the base of your contraption:

Now place a wire chip on it:

place your props:

Now take your Multi-Parent tool and left click them all to select them:

Now right click the wire chip:

all done!



So then it’s cool to have any prop apply force to the whole contraption without issue? (eg put a thruster on 1 prop and the other’s will behave normally? for some reason I have trouble getting this to work >_>)

ECS for the win!

… c’mon n00b you can’t parent and you can’t wire, what can you do?

No sense of being rude Hunta.

cool tutorial.

I have an alternative to Karbine’s method I use, change the model of the wire chip to that of the base prop and use the newly-edited wire chip as the base prop. However, this only works in specific instances and/or situations.

Pretty much nothing vOv
What’s a good ausy build server? I’m willing to learn.

I know him brah.

join the On3 build server n00b

Thanks, i found this tutorial really useful. I always just parented loads of props to each other and shit, but this is a lot simpler :buddy:

i too have done that, but as wenli explained and i tested, the strange parenting phenomenon with wire chips is actually dependent on the model, the purple capacitor model is the best, so, you dont actually need the wire entity

The same goes for E2’s. I don’t care if you say I’m incorrect. It’s not worth taking the chance, fucking up your contraption; avoid it.

I can confirm, I thought this was relatively well known by now… child props being traceable on the server is entirely dependent on the model of the parent prop. That’s all. The majority of wire models will work, but some don’t (e.g. the black E2 chip) so it’s worth testing before you decide which prop to use - however, it is definitely consistent for any given model. You can use actual wire sents if you really want, but it seems a bit silly when all you need to do is spawn the model from the prop browser.

Uh just use a random wire gate with any model and it works

also a good tip to parenting is to nocollide every prop with right click so that the pile of props that fall on the ground don’t collide with anything, less lag :v:

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