How to Properly Build A House in Rust

Im pretty new and havn’t gotten in the game yet but I am eagerly watching videos. I seen many people raid other people houses and taking all their hardworked loot. So my question is, how do you build a good house?

-Easily to defend against looters
-a good size (can it be really big)
-should it be tall?
-should it have barricades and if not what
-where should I build it?

Really eager and I want to be prepare before the game is release. Any other tips would be apprecaited :slight_smile:

If you build a really tall house then people can easily find you and kill you.

There is no proper house. Anything you build can and will be violated and destroyed. Barricades are worthless, taking 29 swings. Doors take upwards of 200. Do the math in terms of time and damage and you should be able to figure it out.

That does seem like common sense. Guess it takes time to experiment and make something to last for a while. It only make sense that all structures can be looted. Thanks though

The only real secure way is to build alot of foundations, perhaps 3 stories high and just bomb the house with metal doors everywhere. Then add storage boxes in every room.

OP do this

Pretty much exactly what I did every wipe up until the noclippers started running rampant and I took a break. Be warned that it takes upwards of 4 hours of playtime (assuming you’re willing to complete it in one session and nobody fucks around with you or your building) to even finish the exterior if you’re playing alone though, TC.

EDIT: Holy shit, this is old. I really need to keep an eye out for necros…

experiment build a house if it gets raided easily check your volubility and fix it / inprove it :slight_smile:

And experience helps alot to

It has been said already for the most part. What my group has found works the best is starting with as large as you can and just grind away until you have ALL the resources you need to first build the house. Typically we try for a 5 x5 house in a location large enough to build it and allow for expansion. We typically never build higher than 3 stories. This helps hide it, but can give your space to defend from if you need to. We have gotten large enough before where we were around 16 wide at the widest spot not square any more, but no one could find the main loot room until they raided us with 50 some explosives. For my room if they went through my doors they had a minimum of 11 doors since they kind of zig zaged and had doors leading in other directions. You know it is confusing when you get lost going back to your room.

I have tested this building on an Instantcraft Server and said to 10 Player that they try to Raid this.

This building needs a lot of time,Place and Ressources.

I build this 15 Floors high.

The complete Raid to find my Stuff take 8 Hours.I placed it in the Middle of the Tower.

Yes,i farmed 3 Days for the Stuff and it is just a tested Area.It is possible to make it smaller.

So dont forget of the Repair.

On a PvP Server with more than 20 People,it is very very hard to build it.But its just an idea

No need for a big house, when starting out just build a 1 room. Hidden well, behind rocks or hills. You will still get raided on occasion. If I have a house out in the open, it will get raided every day. A well hidden one, only once or twice a week. If you want to try a larger house with multiple doors to make it harder to raid, I still start off with a 1x1 house, then I add to it for safety. Another good trick on an established server with a good population is to find an abandoned house, add a wall here and a door there and you have a nice place with minimal effort.

Build a long tunnel into your house and fill it with doors

You mean a 1x5 or more Tunnel?
I think if someone would raid it,they will be try it from the side and Bomb your Walls away.
If the Walls are out of Wood,you can see sometime things behind the Wall.So you dont need to blast all Walls

The way I build my house is I make it 2x2, 10 or so stories tall, fill it full of large storage boxes, furnaces, workbenches, add some shitty loot the first couple floors, It will usually have one door per level, then near the top will be nothing. I’ll add about 5-6 straight foundations outside and build a bridge up to the ceiling of my house and thats where I normally hide all my really good loot. So I have about 30 or so metal doors to hide my really hard earned loot. I’ll take a few screen shots of my house later on tomorrow.

I just stick with the wooden shelter. Probably the best defense out there. Only get raided once every hour or so.

3x3x3x3 house works good ,but make atleast 6 floors, 5th floor will be for storage, 6th floor will be for windows to shoot at the raiders… make foundations outside your house and place a piller in the middle…this will not allow them to build up and climb in your windows

I’d love to know how to build a 4 dimensional house in rust.
Tho just placing a pillar in the middle is not enough, you have to place enough pillars so they can’t build stairs, and make the pillars go as high as your roof (or 1 higher) or they can just build on top of your pillars.

Its a matter of time travel.