How to properly forward your ports

Getting sick of stupid threads with people who cant forward their ports properly.

You are going to know these bits of infomation before you start:
Routers IP address (defualt gateway address)
Your computers local IP.

You can find these by going to start>run>cmd then type ipconfig.

Setting a static IP to your PC.
Before you forward your ports you need to do this, if you do not do it properly there is no point in forwarding the ports, You can do this either in your routers web interface, or through windows. To do it in your routers interface, you need to look for your DHCP settings, and find an option to reserv that address for your PC or to do it in windows, go to start > my computer > network and sharing center, then click on your network adapter, then click properties, and then IPv4 properties.

You are esensaily putting in the infomation you found out when you did the ipconfig step.

Your first DNS server should be your router, and the second one can be another one you want to use, for this i am using one of googles (

Ok, so now we have that done, here is how to forward them, there is 2 ways to do it, you can either put your PC in a DMZ which would basicly put your PC out of the safe zone of your router. Doing it this way is much easier than forwarding the ports, and is garunteed to let people connect, the downside is that it CAN be less secure.

The other way is to forward the ports that source needs to create a multiplayer game. This is a little more complicated and can be a bit fussy. I would recommend doing it with the first option, but i will go over both.

A DMZ is a part of the network that is outside of the protection of the firewalls and the NAT of the router which will let people connect to your Gmod server.

  1. Open a web browser and go to the address of your defualt gateway.

You will see an interface like this, log in.

  1. Then find your firewall options, and look for DMZ settings.
    If you have a linksys router i think that the option for DMZ is under “Gaming and Applications”.

And basicly, you just put in the IP address you gave to your PC, then click enable and save and youre done.
Port forwarding**
If you want to do it by port forwarding, follow first DMZ step so that you are logged into your router, and then go to “Virtual servers”, or “Port Forwarding”.
You will see a list that looks something like the one below.

Just add the following ports to it:

Holy crap that’s a bad idea.
By placing your computer in the DMZ, you open EVERY port and disable the router-side firewall, exposing your computer to all sort of nastiness.

It’s a much better idea just to forward individual ports instead of just opening up computers to the DMZ. Just follow the general instructions on for god’s sake.

EDIT: You ninja-edited me D:
But still, you really don’t want to enable the DMZ, it’s just generally a really bad idea. Everything aside from that is cool.

It doesnt disable the firewall you idiot, it puts you outside of it.
And i also made it quite clear that it does. Forwarding ports doesnt always work for some people.

Firewall to your machine, my bad.
Well, effectively

Plus it will hopefully stop some of the threads of people not being able to host.

And if people are worried about something happening form putting their PC in a DMZ, they could always innstall firewall software on their PC and just allow their programs through it.

Fair enough.

Thanks for the guide, but I can’t open my Router Setup page.

How are you connecting to the internet? thrught a router or modem?
What does it say in english?

I am connecting through a router and the first picture is a screencap of the ipconfig command which should be understandable even though some parts are not in english.

The second part says:

Well seeing as there has been millions of threads informing you NEED to port forward to host a server, there’s millions of tutorials on using SRCDS to host a server, and ports needing forwarding, I don’t think one thread is going to make a difference, because some people still don’t listen.

Nice guide, but I don’t think you need UDP 1200. I know we don’t have it.

No, thats for steams friend network.