How to: protect your house from murderers

With the new key system, I guess I am not the only one to be worried about protecting my house in case of death. So, here’s the idea:

Your house has multiple doors. You create 2 keys for each door (or room); As you leave the house, you leave one key in the innermost room (where your bed should be BTW), and one directly outside this door, protected by another door. You do so until you reach the last door of your house, where you keep 1 key inside the door, and 1 on you. then you leave, having every door locked behind you and only carrying one key.

When you get killed, you spawn inside your house. You take the first key, open the first door, take the 2 keys in this room (door 1 and door 2), then proceed to take all your keys until the last door. THen you come back inside and hope the murderer logged out, OR you build another room in front of the last room.

This way, the murderer only has access to ONE room, leaving the rest of your house safe. In case he was close to your house, you may lose a couple of rooms. Hope you have a lot of doors :slight_smile:
Here’s a schematic in case I wasn,t clear:

Key1 / Key 1 + Key 2 / Key 2 + Key 3 / You + Key 3
    Door 1            Door 2              Door 3

Hope this gives you good results.

That’s stupid why not throw your key through the door or wall when you exit? I make an “exit” room so I can throw the key of the exit room back inside the base, then get out, throw the outside door key back in the exit room… when I get killed they get no keys at all and when I come back to my base, I throw my stuff inside through a wall, suicide, respawn at sleeping bag, pick up my stuff and sort it out.

Your key can be picked up through the wall/door if you do that. I’m not going to go into specifics but it is not a safe method

I dont leave with a key. I make a vertical tunnel at least two stories that I leave my base through. There is probably a way to build up through it but it isnt apparent. Then I hide the key to my entry door outside my base in a lantern placed in a bush. That way if I am killed leaving my base I dont lose anything but what i have on me. Of course if someone happened to find the lantern I would be screwed but I have trouble finding it even knowing where it is.

When I want to get back into my base I make sure the area is secure before I get the key, duplicate it then go into the base. I just delete the extra keys with the full inventory bug (pick up an item with a full inventory and it gets deleted).

Sooo we can pick items through the walls now? What’s the use of a base then…